Shipping from Cambodia

Let's face it: shipping in Cambodia is difficult and expensive, but it can be done. However, when we first tried to send items out of Cambodia or get things delivered to us in Cambodia we found out that it is really hard to figure out with not a lot of information out there on the Web. Now that we've learned for ourselves, we've put together hopefully a one-stop shop for you to know what are the best options for you to ship things in and out of Cambodia.

Throughout our many ventures in shipping and receiving, from documents to gifts and larger items to moving from abroad and back, we've learned a few things. The first thing you should know unless you are sending a letter, non-essential package or shipping major ocean freight (and if you are planning on doing that, then you should be consulting a local logistics company) then you will probably have to bring your item to Battambang, Siem Reap, Sihanoukville or Phnom Penh to send it on out of the country.

Shipping Items From Cambodia

There are just a couple hints we'll share to help you get your package (safely) to your destination outside Cambodia.
  1. Never send valuables or monetary instruments except through courier services that offer insurance, and then ensure the insured amount matches the customs declaration to avoid any hassles.
  2. Carefully package anything fragile and consider sending it via DHL or FedEx rather than by EMS.
  3. If time is important, use a courier services. One blogger recently reported it took her brother's postcard more than a year to reach her. We've had positive experiences shipping with EMS, like our Emergency First Responders paperwork, and we've also had postcards that never arrived . . . or perhaps they will next year.
  4. Check out the Cambodian export restrictions for what cannot be send out of Cambodia

Cambodia Postal Service

  1. Cambodian Postal Service: We suggest you use the Cambodian postal service only for noncritical itemslike postcards. Actually, there is no real Cambodian Postal Service as mail in Cambodia is handled by EMS—Express Mail Service. EMS is an International Postal Express Mail Service offered by Postal-Operators of the Universal Postal Union (UPU). The UPU, a specialized agency of the United Nations, promotes the harmonization of postal services worldwide. Despite this, it is infamous for being laid, delayed, and mishanded.

    Also, there is no real mail delivery service except for big, easily identified businesses. If you are coming to work, your best bet is to receive mail at your workplace with the understanding that only non-critical items should be sent through the mail service (since EMS will handle local mail delivery for items sent through United States Postal Service or Canadian Royal Mail, for example).  You can also go to the local post office and request that they hold your mail for you.  This is the best option if you cannot have it delivered to a business.

FedEx Shipping Cambodia

  1. FedEx: Here is the deal on FedEx. You can use it to ship out of Cambodia, but packages can only be sent to Phnom Penh. Technically, FedEx says that items can only be shipped from Phnom Pehn as well, but Siem Reap's Fast Global Transport does have an office that can handle FedEx shipping that is about one block from Lucky Mall on the opposite side of the street (if you cruise through, you will see a FedEx sign on the front of the shop-space—they can also handle UPS shipments from Cambodia).

    However, when we tried to arrange a FedEx shipment to Siem Reap from abroad, we were told it wasn't possible—that they would have to come to the FedEx distribution center in Phnom Penh to get their package (address below). Base rates are $60—that means, if you need to send a manila envelope with a single sheet of paper, it will still cost you $60. What FedEx does offer, though, is one of the best ways to ship larger items out of the country if you want minimal hassle, and you can arrange for home/location delivery service to most other locations. The cost is about $16 US per pound or $30 per kilo—that is for
    FedEx International Priority. FedEx does not handle freight shipments from Cambodia.  Here are the basic FedEx rates, shipping from Cambodia to the United States:

    Up to One Pound: $60
    Two Pounds: $73
    Three Pounds: $86
    Four Pounds: $99
    Five Pounds: $112
    Six Pounds: $125
    Ten Pounds: $160
    and about $16 per pound thereafter

    FedEx Phnom Penh Office: Khan Daun Penh,
    Phnom Penh. Tel : (855) 23 216708: Fax : (855) 23 216721: Office Hours : 07:30-17:30

    Fast Global Transport in Siem Reap: No. 540, St. 66, Sala Kanseng Village, Siem Reap City, Siem Reap, Tel: (855) 099 604 303

DHL Shipping Cambodia

  1. DHL: We think that DHL is one of the best international shippers that there is. We “discovered” DHL as a way to ship and be sure what we were sending got to India, and we've discovered that it is also the way to ensure things get delivered to us in Cambodia. DHL can ship out of and to most places in Cambodia. The prices are about the same as FedEx. They can insure your packages for you as well so if something is lost or damaged you can file a claim. Just be sure to check out “How to Get Mail in Cambodia” below some some tips and hints about how to actually get your package delivered while in Cambodia.

    One thing that is a bit curious that you need to know--DHL may require a postal code to ship.  Well, Cambodia has postal codes, but they are still a work in progress.  So PHN is what you can use for the Cambodia postal code.

    DHL Phnom Penh Office:No. 353, Ang Duong (St. 110), 12201, Phnom Penh, Tel (855) 023 427 726, (855) 023 427 656

    DHL Siem Reap Office: No. F15A, Sivatha (St.), Phsar Kandal, Sangkat Svay Dangkum, Siem Reap City, Siem Reap, Tel (855) 063 964 949, (855) 012 799 432

Freight and Relocation Shipments Cambodia

Camfreight Cambodia

  1. Camfreight: Camfreight is the major logistics company in Cambodia. If you are going into the import/export business or need to move an entire household, these are the first people you should talk to. They can arrange for air and sea freight and help clear major items through customs, et cetera. While most travelers won't need their services, businesses and expats will find them helpful.

    Phnom Pehn Office: Villa No 85c , 313 Street Beoung Kak 2 Ward, Toul Kork Dist, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Tel : (855-23)-883 901/ 902 Fax : (855-23)-889 888

    Siem Reap Office: #No 3c, Top Town Road Salakanseng Ward, Siem Reap Dist, Siem Reap Province. Tel :(855-63)-964 648 Fax :(855-63)-964 649

Excess Baggage Cambodia

World Angkor Transport

  1. World Angkor Transport: This company just might come in handy for the over-eager souvenir shopper who couldn't stop themselves from loading up at the Siem Reap Night Market. World Angkor can arrange shipping for your excess baggage at a rate that claim they can beat most airlines excess bag fees (Korean Air, which flies out of Siem Reap to Seoul, for example, charges $140 US for a third bag weighing up to 32kg). The also provide freight services both air and sea and also offer baggage insurance. They have a service center in the Phnom Penh International Airport in the check-in area as well as in Siem Reap office but in town, not at the airport.

    Phnom Penh Office: In the Airport, Tel: (855) 236-320-338

    Siem Reap Office: Salakanseng Village, Svay Dongkum, Siem Reap, Tel: (855) 63-966-210

How To Ensure You Get Your Mail in Cambodia

There are a few things that you can do to help ensure that packages, no matter how they are sent, reach you. For postal service delivery, it is often best to go to your local EMS office and ask it be held for you so that you can come there to collect it. Still, the following tips will help ensure your get your mail in Cambodia.
  1. There are postal or zip codes in Cambodia, which can be located here: Cambodian Postal Codes. However, as a colleague in India found out, DHL won't ship without a country postal code and the local India office was no help in finding it. After talking to DHL I found out you can use PHN (as in Phnom Penh) as the postal code for shipping anywhere in Cambodia.

  2. Include a landmark. So a typical USA address looks like this and gets delivered:
    Susan Anthony
    50 University Ave
    Des Moines, ID 34051

    Your chances of getting your mail delivered in Cambodia increase if the address looks something like this:
    Susan Anthony
    013 Sivutha Street
    Near Takata Guesthouse
    Stung Thmei Commune
    Siem Reap Town
    Siem Reap Province
    Cambodia, PHN

  3. Put your local contact number on the package very clearly! This is one of the most important parts of ensuring you get your package! If your number is clearly visible then EMS or DHL can contact you if they cannot find you or, if rather that trying to find you, they want you to come and pick up the package. We actually make sure two numbers are listed on each package that is sent so that in a scenario where one of us loses our phone that we can still be reached. Even to have that proper address and not to have a working, local number where you can be reached is to risk never getting your package (we actually had a DHL package get returned to India because they had not included our phone number as we'd requested).

  4. Put the local shipping office number on the package, too! If you are shipping DHL, for example, include the local branch (say, Siem Reap) on the package, too.

  5. Finally, make sure that what you are sending is allowed by checking out the Cambodian import restrictions. Most of the restrictions are understandable, but tobacco and perfume are also restricted items for mail import to Cambodia.

Just to note, UPS and TNT both offer shipping from Cambodia with offices in Phnom Penh and there are a few more courier services you can try. We've put together a further list for you below and also included information on cities outside Siem Reap and Phnom Pehn, but be warned we haven't used any of these companies personally, nor have we heard any reviews of their Cambodian services. If you've used any of them, leave us a comment and let us know your experiences.

Battambang Shipping

Cambodia Express Group Inc.
No. 715, Group 29, Prek Mohatep Village, Sangkat Svay Por, Battambang City, Battambang. Tel: (855) 016 888 053, (855) 016 953 653 (they also have a Phnom Pehn office, and we are pretty sure they ship through DHL/FedEx to the west)

TNT also has an branch in Battambang. We are waiting for TNT's office in Phnom Pehn to e-mail us the contact information for this, so we'll update this ASAP.

Phnom Penh Shipping

Outside of some of the other companies with addresses and information already listed, you can also check out these reputable shippers.

JVK International Movers Ltd, No. 27 Street 134, Sangkat, Vealvong, Khann 7, Markara Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Tel.: 855-23-724-746

TNT Express Worldwide
No. 28, Preah Monivong (St. 93), 12201, Phnom Penh, Tel: (855) 023 430 922

Sihanoukville Shipping

TNT has a branch here. We are waiting for TNT's office in Phnom Pehn to e-mail us the contact information for this, so we'll update this ASAP.

Siem Reap Shipping

Outside of some of the other companies with addresses and information already listed, you can also check out these reputable shippers.

TNT Express Worldwide
Located near the Old Market next to the Ta Phrom Hotel. Tel: (855) 063-963758 We are waiting for TNT's office in Phnom Pehn to e-mail us and confirm these phone numbers, so we'll update this ASAP.


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